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" The diary sherry garland features written is definitely not about the beauty of war. It is, alternatively, a story about dreams, courage, freedom, and determination. ” Journal entries

1)Saturday, The fall of 7, 1835

Today I had been bringing cleaning soap and pig to Mrs. Roe's home for my friend. When I got there five men tried breaking in, Mrs. Roe sent me personally and her kids beneath her understructure and hang on while Mrs. Roe tons her musket. They effectively broke in but they did not get nearly anything, I hit one of them within the head having a frying pan. Today was obviously a life changer; I was able to not only operate for me personally but for various other too. 2)Monday, February 22, 1836

Happy birthday, George Washington. I was going to a fandango, I absolutely wanted Galba to go. When I got right now there a 17 year old asked me to move, I believed so good, and i also felt like a grown-up. Whenever Now i am with Galba he makes me feel as if a little kid.

3)Tuesday, February 23, 1836

I can hardly fall asleep, the sound of carts within the bumpy highway. Today my mate went into struggle, while the associated with us attended the Alamo. It improved my everyday routine from my personal home to traveling throughout a hot bumpy open prairie.

The battle of San Jacinto:

Birthplace of Texas freedom! San Jacinto, one of the planet's decisive challenges! San Jacinto, where, with cries of " bear in mind the Alamo, remember Goliad! " Sam Houston and his ragged strap of 910 pioneers sent Santa Anna, President and Dictator of Mexico and self-styled " Napoleon in the West, " with his proud army, and changed the map of North America! The state of texas was included in the United States! The Goliad massacre:

After a wait of about five days following Houston's order, the Texans finally began their particular retreat. It absolutely was not long, yet , before the Texans found themselves surrounded on open prairie. Several attacks by the Texans resulted every time with the People in mexico being immensely hurt by the deadly fire of the Texans. By dusk, the Texans had shed about 60 men killed or wounded against a lot of 200 of...

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