Adjectives Pairs Essay

Purchase of Adjectives & Comma Use with Paired Adjectives

In British, it is common to use more than one adjective before a noun. For example , we can write " Your dog is a funny young boy, " or " She's an intelligent, energetic female. " If you use more than one epithete, you have to push them in the right order, in respect to type. It is right to write, " I have a tiny red car", but it is not accurate to write, " I have a red small car". When you use two adjectives together, you sometimes use " and" between them and you sometimes don't. If you use two adjectives together (also called combined adjectives), you sometimes make use of a comma between them and sometimes don't use a comma. This page will certainly explain the various types of adjectives, the best order on their behalf, the guideline for employing " and" with paired adjectives, and the general rule for utilizing a comma between paired adjectives. Types of Adjectives -- OSASCOMP

Type: Definition and Examples

Thoughts and opinions:

An opinion qualificative explains whatever you think about a thing. Examples: funny, beautiful,, fabulous, difficult, individually ***My initial opinions towards her luxury ? is gorgeous.

***I believe its challenging for me to complete this work individually ***I feel he's a funny person.

***She can be described as funny girl.

***She provides a beautiful necklace.


An age appositive describes the design of something.

Examples: old, new, youthful, old

***My old grand daddy lives in Kedah.

*** This is my own new ladies handbag.


A size appositive tells you how large or small something is.

Examples: large, little, enormous, small

***Last weekend, my brother had buy a big house for his better half at Damansara. ***This little kitten is mine.


A condition adjective describes the shape of something.

Good examples: square, round, flat, rectangular

***This circular chair is usually mine.

***There is a small square tower system at Bangi.


A color epithete describes area of some thing.

Examples: green, pink, reddish colored, gray

***This new green leather clothing is acquire.

***Last Sunday, my sis...

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