Alaska Dairy Essay

Dear Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, Jr.,

I am Joselito To. Santos Jr. and I'm a elderly at San Beda School, majoring in legal supervision. As a graduation student in the said college or university an important university paper requirement of one of my subject which can be Strategic Administration should be completed to graduate. I am just writing to convey my interest in making a Strategic Management newspaper for your prestagious company which can be the Ak Milk Business Philippines. Paperwork such company documents, economic documents and marketing paperwork will be necessary for the improvement of my personal paper. I will assure that your entire documents will probably be taken care of in support of be used because reference for the progess of my own paper. Internet marketing hoping you are going to help me and in return I will provide your enterprise a great Tactical Management Policy for the development of your business. Thank you.


Joselito Big t. Santos Junior.



Is usually to be a leading client foods company with a varied portfolio of consumer meals brands and products which can be market commanders in their particular categories.



We is going to continue to develop the strong points and competitive attributes of the ALASKA company and develop its complete marketing potential. We will develop new products and identify marketplace opportunities, aware of our activity to be responsive to the changing and growing needs of the consumers.


Client relationship is definitely an integral part of building the Ak business. We all aim to present our partners in transact the best and many efficient service, making use of top rated technology to make sure timely item availability and accessibility. All of us strive to know and figure out our consumers fully to bridge the gap between what they need and whatever we can give.


Finally, the consumer who we serve and their degree of satisfaction with the products turn into our final judge and jury. We could committed to deliver high quality dairy and other buyer food products from production to consumption. All of us will react to the call to provide higher quality nutrition to every Filipino home.


We recognize that each of our people, the Alaska Associates, are on of your most important possessions and we will be committed to showcase their security and wellbeing. Their useful experience, suggestions, dedication and strong work ethic lay the foundation for the Company's continued achievement. It is each of our goal just as much as it is their own, to follow and reach their total potentials through continuing education, teaching, and skills-enhancement programs. All of us challenge every individualby providing the opportunity to contribute to the Company's efforts.


Development that creates value pertaining to our investors is very important. We will certainly deploy the resources upon investment possibilities that are within our core proficiency and yield excellent earnings relative to their risks and which are according to our progress objectives.


We acknowledge our function in region building by promoting the protection from the environment and taking part in different community-building assignments that help enhance and uplift the caliber of life from the underprivileged and the marginalizedsectors of the society.

Original Mission

Product and Services


We will develop new products and identify industry opportunities, conscious of our process to be responsive to the changing and growing needs of your consumers.

Top quality


We are committed to deliver high quality milk and other customer food products from production to consumption. We will interact to the call to deliver higher quality diet to every Philippine home.



Matter for endurance and earnings


All of us will deploy our resources on investment opportunities which might be within our primary competence and yield superb returns relative to its risks and which can be consistent with our growth...

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