Essay on American Program

 (2) The Period of Counterfeit (1910-1924)

By 1919, the UP College Lamina published the literary compositions of the initially Filipino freelance writers in English. They were the pioneers in other words story writing.  They were then groping their approach into imitating American and British designs which led to a stilted, artificial and unnatural design, lacking vigor and impulse. Their versions included Longfellow and Hawthorne, Emerson and Thoreau, Wordsworth and Tennyson, Thackeray and Macaulay, Longfellow, Allan Poe, Irving and also other American writers of the Passionate School. Authors of this lamina included Fernando Maramag (the best editorial writer on this period) Juan F. Salazar, Jose Meters. Hernandez, Vicente del Fierro,  and Francisco M. Africa and Victoriano Yamzon. They pioneered in The english language poetry. WORKS

The noted essayists of this period were: Carlos P. Romulo, Jorge C. Bocobo, Mauro Mendez, and Vicente Hilario. Their essays were really scholarly characterized by sobriety, compound and structure. They excelled in the critical essay, especially the editorial type.  Another group of writers introduced the informal essay, criticism plus the journalistic line. They spiced their use humor, wit and satire. These group included Ignacio Manlapaz, Godefredo Rivera, Federico Mangahas, Francisco B. Icasiano, Salvador P. Lopez, Jose Lansang and Amando G. Dayrit. SHORT STORIES In the field of short stories, DEAD SUPERSTARS by Paz Marquez Benitez written in the early 1920's stand out being a model of excellence in personality delineation, regional color, storyline and communication. Other brief stories released during this time were but poor imitations with their foreign models.  The UP University Folio was later changed by the Philippine Collegian. Newspaper publishers and magazines also found print during this period like the Message, the Israel Herald (1920), the Filipino Review, the Independent, Rising Philippines and Citizens, as well as the Philippine Education Magazine the year of 1924.


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