Essay of a Different America

Hong Shen Chen




A unique America

Culture tends to stop the darker park from the history, and this is no different to what happened in the 50's, post-Korean War. A large number of people were guided to believe that post conflict was a very good time as a result of phony improvement done by the federal government - GI Bill as well as the first built-in army. Furthermore, televisions were censored to broadcast content stories just. Yet, in reality, the power of white-colored supremacy and patriarchy continuing to expand to the world despite the Emancipation Proclamation having proclaimed the end of captivity in the United States in 1863. Dark people construed the new offered equality, abolishment of slavery, as they were free and completely free. Alternatively, the dominant white power believed that " Negroes had gained so much it was virtually impudent and carried away to ask for also soon” (Mariscal 181). In order to reveal the fact of the background in the 50's, Toni Morrison creates the novel Home, the counter hegemony of cultural representation, and uses the intentionality of today to challenge the dominant famous narrative shaped by white supremacy and patriarchy. In chapter two when Outspoken escaped in the hospital, Morrison includes various graphic information regarding the racial violence and poverty. Over the scene, that continues to attract readers' awareness of the racial discrimination in various forms. In the meanwhile, Morrison also challenges the traditional narrative of patriarchy inside the scene once Cee chooses to run off with Knight in shining armor. The idea of white colored supremacy is additionally constantly raised, as most black people in the novel happen to be shown unaware compared to white. Also for the reason that novel was written inside the first person narrative, it allows readers for connecting closely with all the main persona, Frank Funds, and to have better comprehension of the history inside the 50's. Once again through a large number of inhumane and violent photos presented in her story, it is no doubt to state that...

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