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From the moments of Adam, God has voiced to His saints and prophets through visions, dreams, and inner voices.... Miraculous events are normal in the planets of the Older and Fresh Testaments, as well as the lives from the saints happen to be marked by simply supernatural input. In our period, the Everlasting Father generally seems to also be catching ordinary people from our midst for His mouthpieces. He is phoning us to honor the covenant He made with us in order that His " will be carried out on earth since it is in Heaven. " The final century-and-a-half provides seen numerous accounts of appearances in the Blessed Virgin mobile Mary. Christ, Himself, is said to speak to several of the seers. A number of the apparitions have obtained official endorsement by the Both roman Catholic Chapel. Common strings running through all the messages are: Jesus has been upset by the copie of against His Sacred Heart; and Mary exhorts humanity to prayer and repentance and an increased loyalty to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Admission. A simple communication, but the option, we are aware, is a great chastisement which will befall mankind.

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- Complete Church Authorization

- Disapproval by Church

B -- Bishop Notification (Reference)



1347 E?ia, Italy St Catherine 1 2

1531 Guadalupe, Mexico St . Juan Diego 1

1600s Agreda, Spain Venerable Mary of Agreda one particular 2

1812 Westphalia, GermanyVenerable Anne Catherine Emmerich1 2 3 1830 Repent Du Ferry-boat, France Catherine Laboure you 2 three or more

1836 OL of Victories, Rome Father Genettes -

1840 Blangy, England Sister Justine Bisqueyburu 1 2 a few

1846 La Salette, France Melanie Calvat & Maximin Giraud 1 a couple of 1858 Lourdes, France Bernadette Soubirous one particular 2 3 4

1871 Pontmain, France Eugene and Joseph Barbadette (Five Children and one baby) 1 two 1876 Pellevoisin, France Estelle Faguette you 2

1877 Gietrzwald, Poland Justyna Szafrynska, Barbara Samulowska - 1878 Corato, Italy Luisa Piccarreta one particular 2 a few

1879 Knock, Ireland in europe 15 people 1 two 3

1884 The italian capital, Italy Pere Leo XIII 1 a couple of

1904 PolandSt. Maximilian Kolbe 1 2 three or more

1916 - 1953 Caserta, Italia Maria Valtorta (Poem of the Man-God) one particular 1917 Fatima, Portugal Lucia, Francisco, & Jacinta one particular 2 a few 1918 San Giovanni, Italy St . Padre Pio one particular 2 several

1920 Verdun, Quebec, Canada Emma Blanche Curotte -

1922 Montreal, Canada Georgette Faniel (stigmatist) -

1925 Tuy, Spain Sibling Lucia --

circa 1929 -- 1930 Campinas, SГЈo Paulo, Brazil Sis AmГЎlia de Jesus Flagelado - 1932 Beauraing, Athens 5 Contre & Degeimbre children one particular 1933 Banneaux, Belgium Mariette Beco 1 2 several

1937 Poland St . Faustina you 2 3

1945 Amsterdam, The netherlands Ida Peerdeman 1 2

1947 Montichiari, Italia Pierina Gilli 1

1947 Tre Fontane, Rome Bruno Cornacchiola 1 2

1948 Lipa, Israel Novice Teresita -

1950 - 1975 (circa) Necedah, Wisconsin USA Jane Ann Van Hoof N 1952 India Fr. John M. Shouriah, S. L. -

1953 Sabana Grande, Malograr Rico Ramonita Belen, Isidra Belen, Juan Angel Paso - 1954 Ohio, USA Sister Mildred Neuzil you 2

1954 Annavore, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone, Ireland John Quinn & Bea Hannah - 1954 Seredne, Ukraine Anna -

1961 Garabandal, SpainConchita Gonzales, Mari Loli Mazon, Jacinta Gonzales, Mari Cruz Gonzales 1 a couple of 1964; 1984-Present Pederobba (Treviso), Italy Paola Albertini - 1964 San Damiano, Italy Mama Rosa Quattrini -

1967 -?? Francis Klug N

late 1960s Italy Mother Carmela Carabelli -

1968 Zeitun, Egypt Countless numbers 1 two

1972s Bayside, New York Veronica Leukin -

1970 Vladimir Prison, Russia Josyp Terelya 1

1971 Ancient rome, ItalyMarisa Rossi B B

1972 - 1978; 1982 Dozule, France Madeline Aumont --

1972 Milan, Italy Fr. Stefano Gobbi you 2

1973 Akita, Japan Sister Agnes Sasagawa 1

1974 Ninh Loi, Vietnam Stephen...

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Apparitions List

It was an internet email list dedicated to sharing information of apparitions approved by the Catholic Church, and reputable on-going apparitions not contrary to the theories of the Catholic Church. Much of the information on the numerous sites was taken from the archives on this internet email list. The list is no longer active, but the archives continue to be online.

This site is dedicated to the Sacred Cardiovascular system of Jesus and the Flawless Heart of Mary.

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