Essay about Australian Personality

Australian Personality

Mateship. Exciting. Loyal. Cost-free. Proud. They are the typical words Australians value to describe themselves, to identify themselves as totally different from the rest of the world. Yet who is an Australian? Someone who was born in Australia? Only people we choose to call Aussie? People with wonderful achievements we choose to take credit for? Simply people that take pleasure in sport and vegemite? Or maybe only individuals with ‘Aussie' highlights? The Aussie population is a proud one indeed, pleased with their country, their achievements and their personal independent lifestyle, but at times us Aussies, forget about the remaining world and all those other people that make all of us, who we are.

The poem, Down under by Ania Walwicz, is usually told through the persona's eyes and depicts an immigrant's judgement of Australia. The persona contrasts our nation to the country from where they came up, examining the way of life, each of our values, our opinions, conduct and the presence of our urban centers and neighborhoods, small amongst the vast space we have offered to us. The persona relays their view in a unfavorable tone, inserting harsh thinking and scrutiny on that which we, as a country, are so proud of. The second text, Nobody telephone calls me a wog, anymore by Komninos, can be, once again, a poem but this time told throughout the opinion associated with an Australian with immigrant father and mother. Komninos, was developed in Australia to Greek parents. His poem speaks of his struggle to find acknowledgement amongst Australia's disapproving society. The last text message, Native-Born by simply Eve Langley shows an Australian's perspective on immigrants and their lack of knowledge towards the fatality of lifestyle and the ‘turning of a page' in Aussie history. The poem as well represents foreign nationals, as a fresh beginning, a great inevitable function that can be accepted, not really changed.

The develop of the poem or textual content helps to aide our comprehension of the meaning and message crafted in between the lines. In Australia, the develop towards Quotes and Australian's is quite...

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