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1 . Report to your respective Practicum Adviser to get orientation of the OJT Plan.

2 . Recognize the institution where you want to undergo training.

3. Prepare a software Letter to undergo the training with curriculum vitae fastened (with correct photo). This will likely be checked out by the advisor.

4. Fill-up the request go for obtaining endorsement notification (attach a duplicate of program letter and CV) and also have it approved by your Practicum Adviser. The Adviser will forward the request towards the Placement & Linkages Workplace ( PLO ).

your five. Get the Recommendation Letter in the Practicum Adviser. Make two photocopies (one for the PLO plus the other for your Practicum Accomplishment Report /PAR)

6. Go to the training organization with the Endorsement Letter, Program Letter and Curriculum Vitae.

six. Get a great Acceptance Notice from the schooling institution and submit 2 original replications to the mechanic. The Mechanic will forward one copy to the PLO.

Get the pursuing required data from the schooling institution intended for the Training Contract Form (TAF): • Specially Dates of Training

• Trainee's Working Several hours Per Week and Timings/Schedule • Department/Unit where the Trainee will be assigned

• Trainee's Work Description

• Training Supervisor's Name and Title/Position

• Training Supervisor's Contact Information (Phone Number and E-mail Address)

eight. Get a (WBL) Agreement Contact form and a (WBL) Program Outline from the Practicum Agent (signed by University Representatives - College Dean and Head of educational Affairs) and have it signed by the Schooling Institution Agent. Submit a copy of the TAF and TPO to Mechanic (the unique will be a great attachment of PAR)

being unfaithful. Undergo an orientation while using Training Institution Supervisor and begin the training ( 120 hours )

10. Report to the Practicum Mechanic for the next:

a. Distribution of requirements**

b. Improvement Report

c. Evaluation forms (Evaluation of Competencies, Performance Analysis, PAR Analysis Form) to become given to the education institution ahead of the completion of OJT d. Preparing of the Practicum Accomplishment Survey ( DOBLE ) elizabeth. Submission with the Practicum Success Report (CD and hardbound copy for the Practicum Advisor to be submitted to the PLO)



1 . Validation Letter ( 2 copies – for PLO and PAR ) 2 . Program Letter

3. Curriculum Vitae with photo attached

some. Acceptance Notification ( a couple of copies – PLO and PAR ) 5. Function Based Learning (WBL) Agreement Form ( 2 copies – PLO and PAR ) 6th. Work Centered Learning (WBL) Plan Format ( a couple of copies – PLO and PAR ) 7. Business Card

8. Chapter I actually – Business Background

9. Preliminary Assessment Permit


1 ) Chapter 2 – Narration of Activities

2 . Phase III – Evaluation of Practicum Activities

a. Insights Gained coming from all phases of OJT

b. Complications Encountered

c. Solutions Offered

d. Suggestion

e. Bottom line

3. MIDTERM Examination Permit


1 ) Chapter 4 – Detailed Weekly Reviews

2 . Appendices

a. Documents submitted during Prelim Period (endorsement letter, CV.. ) m. Certificate of Completion (120 hours specific and authorized by the training institution representative). Two original copies should be submitted to the Adviser. c. Evaluation of Competencies signed by the training institution consultant d. Efficiency Evaluation agreed upon by the schooling institution representative e. Functionality Evaluation Form

f. Attendance and Job Based Learning (WBL) Success...

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