Chapter 3 Questions Economics Essay

Chapter several Multiple Decision

1 . What is externality

a. Looking at problems from a view

b. A private tendencies that has larger social consequences* pg 56 c. Analyzing the costs and the benefits of a choice

d. F

2 . Whom deals with externalities in a industry economy

a. The government* pg 56

b. Community businesses

c. Volunteers

m. Individuals

3. Which one of the can you have property rights on

a. House

m. Car

c. Inventions

g. All of the above* pg 66

4. Precisely what is the average cost of bringing a new drug to advertise a. $600 million* pg 68

w. $1 million

c. $50 million

d. $350 million

5. Which region has the greatest rate of organ via shawls by hoda

a. Usa

b. France

c. Australia

d. Spain* pg 79

6. About what year do Abdul Waheed's case come to trial against his neighbor a. 2007

m. 2000* pg 71

c. 2001

d. 2003

six. Which with the following is definitely not an example of a negative externality a. Getting a SUV

b. Not collecting your dog's poop

c. The experts neighbor playing the bongos

d. A small business investing in a downtrodden neighborhood* pg 58 almost 8. What is the power that cigarette smokers provide to society

a. They pay out high income taxes

b. Carbon monoxide smoke

c. They will die young* pg 59

d. Put more money in to the economy

being unfaithful. What cause does the creator say is liable for billions of persons living in poverty a. Negative government* pg 65

w. Externality

c. Hunger

deb. Drought

10. In 1999 what would Angola's rulers spend $900 million us dollars on a. Weapons* pg sixty six

b. Foodstuff

c. Vehicles

d. Space program

10. What was Napster sued to get

a. Copyright infringement

n. Facilitating piracy* pg 66

c. Providing credit card details

d. Taxes evasion

12. Jerry Jordan was your former director of what

a. The usa

b. Microsoft

c. National Reserve Lender of Cleveland* pg 70

d. The senate


Short Answer

1 ) Create an example of an externality?

2 . Exactly what the rules for the functional industry economy?

three or more. Name three ways the government reduces the cost of performing in the...

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