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Appendix B

Research Methods Matrix

A psychologist is planning to conduct research that would analyze pathological liars and the top quality of their passionate relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist which has a recommendation for which research method should be utilized to gather info on the another liars and the spouses.

Making use of the table below list each research approach and its advantages and disadvantages for use in this kind of study. Analysis Method| Advantages| Disadvantages

Experimental Research| Provides fresh insight that may be needed when concerning this correlation. | Requires a lot time and money in order to receive grants and allows. Also, there is a lot of time and money accustomed to complete the analysis. | Correlation Study| Permits the strength of the two pathological liars as well as the top quality of their marriage to be quantified. This is important because it would improve the probability of obtaining any type of punishable results. | The results may not be capable of being applied to a broader variety because there are details to the group that is engaged. | Naturalist Observation| Permits studies being set forth within a natural environment of what is to be tested. Also this could be a plus for the realization with the research. | May result in being an uncontrolled experiment that may have confounding factors that could possibly incorporate some types of significant complications when ever completed| Circumstance Studies| The research would have been performed and completed that means the analysis will be ready to be put into place. | All those previous research could have externalities that could make the study give faulty details for the current study that is going on. | Survey| The survey is completed in a quick manner wherever plenty of info is acquired. | Generally there aren't any ways to make sure that individuals happen to be answering the survey accurately or perceiving any inquiries that are necessary for the survey. | Choose your recommendation to...

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