Class Issues Essay

Anthony Pagan

Professor Kimmel

Specific and Societ

22 Nov 2012

Question 1: I agree with Erma Goularta about " helping people is definitely the American desire. ” Aiding people today is essential. Without assist individuals in this world are not able to reach higher goals, like the rich donating money towards the poor to allow them to be able to go to college. I really believe that the reduced class gets treated differently than the rich. The lower course works hard, for what? So the government usually takes more taxation out of poor, even though the rich gets a duty cut. I agree with Erma Goularta. I agree with Maurice Mitchell about " their hard to get rich if your family isn't” Using a rich friends and family, you quickly inherit big money for yourself. Having a rich family, lets declare they individual there personal company, you can say you will eventually run the company one day. I agree, " A male can start with nothing and work hard and get somewhere. ” Costs Gates started with absolutely nothing and made Ms, now he is a billionaire. The distance between abundant and poor will never close. The poor will continue to be poor plus the rich with continue to be wealthy. I agree what Steve Schoeneck says " the American dream is always to earn a fair living and be able to dedicate quality time with my family and friends in a community that cares. Generating a reasonable living I think may be the American dream because privided you can make seventy five, 000, you may live easily and have quality time wit the family. My own boss for example makes a uniform a year, but spends no time with his friends and family. He performs 24/7 without time for him self. I agree with Barbara Freeborn that " everyone wants more” Everybody wants even more because a lot of people feel of what they have got, is no enough. I have a 2001 Honda social and I want to get a newer car, because the approach I feel is the fact I want even more in life. I would like a new and better job for myself. I will say mainly everyone does want more in life.

Question 3: Blue jean G. Miele's heart attack occurred on a pavement in Midtown Manhattan in-may...

Essay on How Supreme Court docket Decisoins have affected American Society.