Essay in From Roosevelt to Wilson in the Regarding Progressivism Summarize

US Background Chapter twenty three Outline

Paul Cook

From Roosevelt To Wilson In The AThe rge Of Progressivism

I. The Spirit of Progressivism

1) Progressivism's effect on society.

A) Political: Fostered a reform movement that sought remedies for the problems of city, state, and nation.

B) Intellectual: Received on competence of the fresh social savoir and mirrored a shift from older absolutes like religion to newer disciplines relativism plus the role of environment on human creation.

B) Cultural: Inspired clean modes of expression in dance, film, painting, literary works, and buildings.

2) 6 characteristics of Progressivism

1: Progressives acted out or worry about the effects of industrialization and the conditions of industrial life.

2: Fundamental positive outlook about human nature, the possibilities of progress, plus the capacity of folks to recognize challenges and resolve them.

several: Were willing to intervene in people's lives, confident it had been their right to do so.

4: They were known to turn even more to the expert of the point out and government at all amounts in order to implement9045 the reconstructs they needed.

5: Many drew on a combination of evangelical Protestantism and the natural and social sciences.

6: That touched nearly the whole region.

3) The Rise from the Professions

A) The Careers: Law, Remedies, Religion, Business, Teaching, and Social Function.

B) Captivated young men and females.

C) Created a new part of the middle category that earned their wealth through education and job rather than getting born in it.

D) Commenced asserting their very own status by performing professional societies just like the AMA, Club association, plus the National Education Association.

4) The Social-Justice Movement

A) Ministers, intellectuals, social employees, and legal representatives focused countrywide attention around the need for tenement house laws and regulations, more rigid child labor laws, and better working conditions for girls.

B) More interested in social solutions than specific charity.

C) New York Chief excutive Theodore Roosevelt appointed the newest York State Tenement Property Commision.

D) Social-justice reformers formed the National Convention of Charitable organizations and Modifications which started to be the Nationwide Conference of Social Operate 1915

5) The Purity Crusade

A) In 1920, the eighteenth Ammendment restricted the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors nationwide.

B) In 1910, congress handed the Mann Act, barring interstate travel of women pertaining to immoral functions.

6) Girl Suffrage, Ladies Rights

A) Women enjoyed a large are harvested the social-justice movement.

B) Many countrywide women's organizations furthered the aims from the progressive motion. i. electronic National Council of Judaism Women, Countrywide Congress of Mothers, as well as the Women's Trade Union League.

C) The National Affiliation of Coloured Women was your first Black social-service firm.

D) Social-justice movement helped pass express laws limiting working several hours of women and helped sanction child labor laws.

**Important people in Woman Suffrage movement: Carrie Chapman Catt, Anna Howard Shaw, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns

7) A Levain of Ideas: Challenging its status

A) A dramatic shift in concepts became one of the important pushes behind modern reform.

B) A new doctrine called pragmatism emerged from this ferment of ideas.

C) A motion grew intended for " sociological jurisprudence" relating law to social reform rather than legal precedent.

D) Socialism grew dramatically prior to World Warfare I.

2. Reform inside the Cities and States

1) Interest Teams and the Drop of Popular Politics

A) Voter turnout dropped dramatically after 1900. Lowest amongst young people, immigrants, the poor, plus the newly enfranchised women.

B) One of the main causes for voter falloff was the introduction of " Fascination groups"

2) Reform in the Cities

A) In metropolis after city, reformers reordered municipal government authorities.

B) Reformers updated...

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