Comparison distinction essay around the perspectives of Neil Postman and Jones Friedman in technology and education

п»їTopic: Comparison-contrast composition on the views of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology and education

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Jones Friedman and Neil Postman both have solid beliefs when it comes to technology and education. Nevertheless each of their respective opinions contains little similarities and a vast volume of differences. Friedman and Postman equally recognize that including technology in the learning method is beneficial to students. Though the volume through which these assets are used is usually where all their ideas issue. Friedman landscapes the use of technology as the future of educating the masses in an affordable rate. While Postman argues that the overuse in the technological element is detrimental to other intangible aspects of the training experience. During this daily news we will certainly explore the viewpoints of both Friedman and Postman as well as their particular reasoning. To be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of exclusively using MOOCs for getting a higher type of education.

Thomas Friedman is an extreme advocate for people obtaining a advanced schooling through MOOC platforms. MOOC is an acronym for " massive open online course”. M. I. To and Harvard jointly developed edX, the industry non-profit MOOC platform that educated 155, 000 students around the world during its initial semester in accordance to Anant Agarwal, the former director of M. We. T's artificial lab. Friedman foresees the MOOC program expanding beyond the United States boundaries into various other countries. This will allow foreign college students to learn from some of the best teachers via satellite in the subtitles of the relevant language of every country at an affordable charge. Friedman also noted that MOOCs is a big advantage for students inflicted with disabilities, as a result of flexibility to find out from home reducing traveling and communication difficulties. Another major advantage that Friedman is convinced will come in the MOOC plan is the diversification of the learners....

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