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Desired goals of the IOM

Julie A. Maher

Grand Canyon University or college: Professional Aspect

April 14, 2013


Nursing may be the largest part of the United States health care system employees. As the healthcare program changed quickly it was tough for nursing staff to keep up, and steer clear of obstacles along the way. The new Start of Medicine (IOM) created a committee of professionals by different backround's, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In 2010, this committee created a report about the near future goals of nursing. The goal was going to promote change based on all their recommendations, at different regulating levels. The report highlighted eight tips, and some tips to guide the profession within a new course. I am going to focus on three key elements of the IOM report regarding education, primary care and leadership.

Education is needed after having a nurse is licensed, to develop thinking about life-long learning in our career. Examples of this kind of are Certified Practical Nurses, (LPN) -to-Registered Nurses (RN), Associate Level Nurses (ADN) -to- Bachelors of Scientific research Nurses (BSN) and BSN-to Masters of Science Nurses (MSN) changes. There has turn into a desperate requirement of more Advance Practice Rn Specialist (APRNs). Our health care system is changing; science is advancing leading to more skills needed to offer safe and effective attention. Patients will be more complex, sicker and need more attempts; time and mostly more well-informed nursing workers. When the education system enhances, nurses can certainly progress scholastically. The Government can help with creating more options to make continuing education more possible financially. Institution...

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