Essay upon Organization and Political Power

Discussion Concerns Week 5

1 ) Why do organizational structures differ? What is the difference among a mechanistic structure and an organic composition? Which framework would be most suitable for an innovative organization just like Apple or perhaps 3M? Think about an organization that focuses on cost-minimization like Wal-Mart? Organizational set ups differ due to different strategies, organizational size, technology, and environment. Consider the mechanistic model as well as the organic version. В В The mechanistic model can be characterized by considerable departmentalization, high formalization, a restricted information network, and centralization. В В The organic and natural model is usually flat, uses cross-hierarchical and cross-functional groups, has low formalization, has a comprehensive information network, and relies on participative decision making. The structure that might be most appropriate for an innovative business like Apple or 3M would be organic and natural structure. The business that would concentrate on cost-minimization just like Wal-Mart is a mechanistic structure. 2 . Precisely what is the difference between your position a person holds in a business and their political power? May be the top professional in an business always the person who contains the most politics power? Make clear your answer. In business residential areas, there is no difference. There is always somebody who has the control over all the assets in an business, both individual and nonhuman resources. This person holds a posture in the business above the other folks. He includes a managerial situation which exercises control over his subordinates. He has the state and the relax follow. There are of course some limits as far as his political electricity is concerned in as much as in addition there are regulations to abide by. Politics power is definitely the ability to control the behavior more to attain the objectives in the organization. Political power and the person who has it are just a single and the same. Political power is the patterns...

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