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Manifestation and characteristics of a democratic and a republic state. 1 . Existence of bill of rights

installment payments on your The observation of the secret of the majority.

3. The observance from the principles that ours is a government of laws rather than of males. 4. The existence of election through popular is going to

a few. The observance of the theory of parting of forces and the system of checks and balance six. The observance of the theory that the legislature cannot move irreparable laws 7. The observance with the law in public officers

8. The observance with the principles the fact that state can not be used devoid of its permission. MOVIE RESEARCH

From the video Dekada70, while martial rules existed, and the horror experienced by the friends and family. The mother (played by Vilma Santos) mother of 5 kids and a basic housewife which in turn later on she stands for her rights. During the Marcos anstandig the apprehension of Martial law that they can had knowledgeable during the year 1970. The observation of the rule the legislature cannot move irreparable laws which was experience of the 2nd kid (which was played by Marvin Agustin) he was privately a writer, a writer which was full of angst and he required peaceful progression, change in the proper execution of appearance. Dekada '70 (Dekada '70: Ang Orihinal at Kumpletong Edisyon), translated into Philippine as the '70s decade, is a Filipino novel authored by Lualhati Bautista. Dekada '70 is the story of a friends and family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade from the 1970's. That details what sort of middle class family battled with and faced the brand new changes that empowered Filipinos to rise up against the Marcos govt. These number of events almost all happened following your suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the aveu of Martial Law, the bombing of Plaza Miranda, the arbitrary arrests of political prisoners. The oppressiveness of the Marcos regime produced people be a little more radical. This shaping in the decade are witnessed by female character, Amanda...

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