Electronic Medical Records Privateness, Confidentiality, Liability Essay



Varditer Avetisyan

The main reason for this article is to provide the current controversy of using electronic documents (EMR) in place of paper data in today's medical environment. Especially, the article mentions the pros associated with an EMR as being; making it easier to talk about medical details, making usage of medical documents more substance, and lowering the overall cost of care delivery. It also mentions the negatives such as; loss in privacy, lack of ability to control usage of information, and hacking. The EMR may have a noticable effect on health care delivery. It will make attention delivery cheaper since multiple paper papers and repeated tests may not be required. In addition , patient frustration over filling out identical forms time and time again each time a new provider is employed would be alleviated. The information for almost any particular patient would be shared among all providers so a brand new provider in the patient's care system could have the same info as the patient's main care doctor. The main fear in the industry for this reason technology can be protection of privacy. The latest [i]system (the article cites the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION system which is already in use) does not control gain access to, it simply monitors that. With no technique of managing that has access to what level, the fear is that sufferers would be significantly less forthcoming using their medical issues and may not really seek treatment as often because they might within a private environment. In addition , the embarrassment of certain diseases or symptoms may a lot more than what the affected person is happy to bear with an EMR. The author concludes the article by noting the overwhelming requirement of an EMR, but mentions that this sort of a solution must include features to protect level of privacy and limit access. I actually do agree with mcdougal, but as a part of the healthcare system, my own main concern can be cost of treatment delivery. Together with the current medical cost developments reaching a 15% year more than...

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