Dreams Category Essay

Central conflict –recurrent -

Lecture: The entire body and Dreams –

Vasaly Kasatkin –

-from Spain, born in 1912 - Soviet Union. He goes to the military services. -Cultures had been diverse.

-Wrote Theory of Dreams (not available in English)

-Rejected psychoanalytic approaches to dreams.

-Focused instead in body-oriented wish influences, but that they transform if the dreamer changes occupations or moves to another region. (dreams react to many aspects of life) – Dreams will be culturally formed. Reflective in underlying health? (biology)

Studied soldiers inside the Soviet Military services:

•1st yr, dreams were of past

•over period, dreams became more identical even if coming from different places-- i. electronic., Ukrainian, Tatar, and Uzbeck dreams indistinguishable.

Kasatkin: Desire Influences -

•Kasatkin centered on what Freud called express content

-believed dreams brought on by internal physical stimuli, exterior stimuli, and social environment •Recognized dreams vary depending on one's stage of life and gender was most focused on dreams and health issues (pay attention to physiological aspects)

Dreams and Illness --

Katsatkin assumed:

Duration of a health problem, its significance, and this location in your body affected dreams Illness frequently causes improved dream call to mind

Health issues often triggers increased disturbing dreams or fantasy distress-- more images of: war, assault, death, tombs, raw various meats, graphic negative images…

Dreams and Condition continued…

Katsatkin believed:

•Such negative dreams often commence before a disease was proven to exist, even before symptoms arise. Illness dreams often last longer each night, typically lasting all night in comparison to " everyday” irritation or problems dreams.

The information of the wish can disclose the location and seriousness in the illness as all nervousness are coupled to the brain; dreams are analysis messages from your body. Health/Dream Warnings •He asserted warning times had a level of predictability:

•Heart problems:

•Mental Illness:

Health/Dream Warnings:

-He asserted warning times a new level of predictability:

•Heart disorders: two weeks warning

•Mental Illness: years or maybe more

Recurring dreams of body injuries:

•signs of dangerous condition (cancer, hard working liver trouble, renal or heart disease) Could always indicates from the body AND dream. (Synchronicity)

Kasatkin example:

Kasatkin tells tale of a medical professional with continuing dreams of a patient staying attacked by simply muggers •Dr. tried to help but could hardly.

•Dream concluded with sufferer in road with wound across abdomen, kidney lying next to him Was really Kasatkin's individual kidney – he had a significant infection.

Prodromal dreams

•prodromal means: a sign indicating the onset or perhaps attack of disease •idea began with ancient Greeks (humors)

•Hippocrates: dreams can reflect disease, humeral disproportion, or physical conditions like overeating

-" prodromic dreams” called by M. Macario in middle of the 1800's – dreams that foresee onset of disease (still utilized today) -Much work done telling prodromal dreams – cancers and heart failure patients. (heart disease) •Much work has been done recording prodromal dreams and cancer and heart patients

Prodromal Dreams

•Daniel Schneider: 1976

•psychoanalyst and neurologist

•suggested body cells send chemical communications (" bioplasma”) to paraconscious mind being a warning system of our health. •Example: man reading machine gun fire waked to a heart attack (gunfire on-coming rapid heartbeats) -perhaps pelerine and vomiting? (Overwhelming activity and nausea)

Body-Brain Conversation and each of our awareness:

•Prodromal Heart Dreams -

•People with heart issues understandably could be sensitive to heart-related issues

Often incredibly attuned to the workings and state that belongs to them heart. Several tend to project heart-related content material during their waking life.

•inkblot testing with student nurses

•Prodromal Heart Dreams

•Student healthcare professionals who have heart failure symptoms (skipped heart beats, chest pain) were studied: We were holding shown to fall under 2 ...

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