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1 ) Executive Summary

2 . Introduction & Backgrounder

• Precisely what is online advertising

• Types of online advertising

• Growth of internet marketing in India

3. A few Online Advertisments

• Virgin Mobile

• Cadbury's Perk

• Aircel saveourtigers

• Struktur Indicom


4. Exploration Design

• Objectives

• Research Methodology

• Concentrate on segmentation and profile

• Sample size break up

5. Major Conclusions

6. Annexure

• Customer survey copies ( 2 copies)

I. On-line Agencies

II. Consumers

• Bibliography


The project taken was around the effectiveness of Online Advertising. Online Advertising in India is still in the nascent level. This analyze called for an in-depth analysis of the present day circumstance of internet marketing in India and the difficulties faced at this time industry. The study shows that there are many of factors which have been advancing the marketplace of online advertising in India. Growing net user base, increasing time spent on the internet, internet connection penetration into the households and fragmented mass media consumption of shoppers are generating advertisers on the field of online advertising. Nevertheless there are a few limits to this sector as well, the primary one becoming low broadband penetration in the country. Thus, the field of online advertising guarantees growth since it is interactive, objectives specific consumers and has no geographical or time restrictions.

With the help of all of the primary and secondary data collected and analyzed, particular trends and conclusions arrived forth. The first and foremost thing in this task was to be familiar with influencers (online advertising agencies). Why numerous sectors are receiving into the discipline of on-line understanding, precisely what are the features of the online ad, what are the huge benefits of internet being a medium over other forms of media, objectives of an on the web campaign, which usually sectors happen to be investing in this kind of field and what are the constraints of internet like a medium of advertising – all these will be listed within the major findings. The next thing was going to understand the typical consumers who had to be users of internet. For what reason they use internet, do they will notice these kinds of advertisements, if you do do they get any action, if simply no then what is the reason for precisely the same, do they presume that online advertising is more joining, if certainly not what is all their preferred moderate for advertising, whether or not they have been attacked to take any action about the product/service after watching the internet advertising and whether they think that online advertising features any limits or not really – all of these are classified by detail beneath major studies. For this, college students studying throughout Delhi, seeking graduate/post-graduate and various professional courses had been among the customers. The reason behind this was that pupils these days spend a lot of time on the internet unique for obtaining information or perhaps social networking sites. They may be present all their on the method and notice these types of...

Bibliography: a couple of Study on Online Banner Advertising in India by IMRB for IAMA (August 2008)


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