Ethics in Les Miserables Essay

Business Ethics – Les Miserables Evaluation

When up against concepts like crime and punishment, there is also a majority of people that would claim that the law must be obeyed below all conditions, without any exception. It would really be quite difficult to look for someone who freely stated morals that criminals should at times get away with crime instead of being delivered to justice. The character of Javert in L'ensemble des Miserables is a classic sort of an diktator who believes in the substantial power of the justice system. This figure proves that absolutism can certainly cause fundamental issues and moral dilemmas. This is one of the first ethical theories that is resolved in Les Miserables. Rule-based theory, also called as deontological theory, says the fact that moral action to take in any given situation is always to follow the rules, to follow the law, and also to do your duty. Deontological theories tend to downplay the relevance of consequences. Because of this if there is a rule to never lie, it truly is immoral to lie, regardless if lying will help a lot of people. Javert believes that laws are to be obeyed under all situations. Criminals have to be brought to justice, and they can not be redeemed. Javert is definitely the perfect lawman: he really does his obligation and is not really corrupt in anyway. Nevertheless , he cannot resolve the conflict within himself while the story progresses and he begins to realize that second probabilities do matter, persons can change, and such anything as redemption. Javert's deal with to not consider this is so excellent, that rather than truly arriving at terms with it, he decides to end his personal life instead. If the law does not signify the ultimate and supreme real truth, then he has no goal and no understanding. It could be contended that Javert was a coward for taking " the easy way out”. Some may say that he should have experienced the consequences of his actions, namely, allowing Valjean avoid when he acquired the opportunity to catch him. Probably it is authentic that Javert should have possibly followed what he...

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