Feminist perpectives on family members Essay

Feminist Perspectives of the Family

There are many different feminist views on the family and how the family should be due to the different strands of feminism, for example: Major feminists believe that men make an effort to dominate, control and make use of women; Marxist feminists help to make a direct connection between capitalism and the inferior position females hold in society; and liberal feminists believe that male or female inequality originates from ignorance plus the social restrictions on freedom of choice. Major feminists start to see the family because male dominated as guys are the ‘bread-winners' and enjoy and a key component role in the family, and so they make each of the financial decisions, and that guys will often make use of force to hold the relatives this way, oppressing the woman inside the family. This view criticises the New Privileges view from the nuclear family and its ignorance of the negative side of the family. Radical feminists often tension the significant volume of domestic violence from men against women to acquire their own way within the friends and family. They also believe women become trapped within a marriage using their husbands as they are economically dependent on the husbands, especially following children are born as the ladies are expected to give up work and appearance after the children. Radical feminists also assume that women are being used as love-making objects for the man to unwind after a trip to work, and ladies are rarely offered any mental support off their husbands however they are likely to give psychological support to their husbands. A criticism with this view is that radical feminists put excessive emphasis on the negative side from the family and this ignores the possibility that women get pleasure from running your home and raising the children. Marxist feminists stress how capitalism uses the family to oppress women and the consequences the family is wearing women's lives. Margaret Benston (1972) contended that capitalism benefits from the unpaid workforce of women who are willing to carry out what they are advised because they have been...

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