How Powerful Was Wolsey’s Foreign Insurance plan 1515-29? Composition

How successful was Wolsey's foreign policy 1515-29?

On one hand Thomas Wolsey's foreign policy by 1515-29 was successful because he managed to get almost all of Europe to agree on everlasting peace which will had previously been very difficult. This was what Wolsey's International policy was all about; performing as a schlichter between other countries and gaining value and prestige so this was a great success. In 1518 Wolsey hosted a great conference in London which will representatives in the majority of Euro powers, including Spain as well as the Holy Both roman Emperor, joined and agreed to peace in Europe. Furthermore with the placing your signature to of the Treaty by the Pope London became the center of Christian Europe and meant Wolsey gained support from the Pere, resulting in future ambitions to become Pope, even though these did not materialise. Wolsey's foreign plan during this period was also effective because he was able to adapt to the changing situation in The european countries thus keeping England in a position of relative strength. Such as after Charles V's triumph over Francis I in Pavia in 1525 Charles V rejected Henry 8th's idea to split France between them. Rather than doing practically nothing Wolsey created an bijou with France in August 1525 therefore changing sides and this led to the League of Cognac in May 1526 where there was a diplomatic revolution against Charles Versus from England, France, the Pope, Venice, Milan and Florence. This proves not only this Wolsey wanted to maintain peace in The european countries and keep the balance of electricity but that he was in a position to gain support from Euro powers and increase England's standing in Europe. However Wolsey's foreign coverage was not powerful in this period because Britain was generally humiliated by other capabilities and proved to be a minor participant in The european countries. A strong example of this was in 1516 once Charles Sixth is v replaced Ferdinand of The country and proceeded to make tranquility with Italy at Noyon. Wolsey's try to set up a league against France acquired failed and in addition meant that England...

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