Jose Rizal Essay

Santos, Carlos Gerard M. 1SS14/B2

2012140355Prof. Cruz

Writing Task 2

To many Filipinos, Dr . Jose Rizal's lifestyle had been an open book, yet his performs and sacrifices seems to never achieve independence for his country and countrymen but nonetheless admired and remembered about this day. His life was full of controversies and unanswered issues about his functions and philosophy. One of them was the issue of his meant retraction. Retraction is defined as to withdraw a promise, affirmation or judgment. (Miriam Webster, 1999 p520). It was said that he refuted his producing against the theories and procedures of Catholic Church, returned to the Catholic faith, and abominated masonry, but right now there seemed to be a discrepancy inside the documents linked to his retraction. Rizal's claimed retraction was declared to get true by the friars who were with him before his execution. During the last 24 hours ahead of Rizal will be executed, Jesuits came in and out together with other visitors, which includes members of his own family. That night Rizal wrote out a retraction based on the formula of Dad Pi and signed it about 14: 30 evening. The retraction contains two significant factors: First: the rejection of Masonry (" I abominate Masonry”) and Second: a repudiation of " anything in my words and phrases, writings, magazines, and perform that has been contrary to my figure as a kid of the Catholic Church. ”(Dr Eugene Hessel, Rizal's Retraction: A Note around the debate, 1965). Father Visa for australia, one of the Jesuit priests who also visited Rizal, testified that, " Rizal wrote and signed in the own handwriting in my occurrence the file of retraction. ” His testimony was later on notarized on May 22, 1916. There were also circumstantial evidences pertaining to Rizal's retraction, for instance, his marriage to Josephine Bracken. Father Balaguer, another Jesuit priest whom visited Rizal, claimed that he officiated the marriage of Rizal to Josephine Bracken subsequent to Rizal's returning faith to the Roman Catholic,...


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