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Set in a rural location, Magnifico fantastic family lives an impoverish life and started to give up hope after facing different trials. - her sister suffers from cerebral palsy, his older brother who studies in Manila loses his scholarship, he (Magnifico) is usually not so good in school and his granny suffers from abdomen cancer. Pikoy (Magnifico) typically hears his parents arguing about money which led him to think about ways to help his relatives. With his small, kind and sympathetic heart, Pikoy sooner or later helped his family and also became a great influence to his townspeople.


Dans le cas ou Pikoy (Magnifico)ay mula social fear isang maralitang pamilya. Dahil sa kahirapan ay aura mawalan em ng pagasa ang kanyang pamilya, dumagdag pa culto ang mga iba't-ibang klase ng suliranin-- ang kanyang bunsong kapatid na babae na may possibly cerebral palsy, ang kanyang kuya em nagaaral social fear Maynila na natanggalan ng scholarship, ang kanyang lola naman na may abdomen cancer at siya naman na mahina sa eskuwela. Madalas em makita national insurance Pikoy em nagtatalo ang kanyang mga magulang tungkol sa pera. Ang ama niya ay namamasukan lamang bilang isang karpintero in ang kanyang ina ay walang standard na trabaho. Kahit mhh bata pa lamang dans le cas ou Pikoy ay ninais bist du niyang makatulong sa magulang sa anumang paraan mhh kaya niya. Sa huli, ang kabusilakan ng puso ni Pikoy ang siyang nakatulong sa pamilya niya at social fear mga ilang taong natulungan at naimpluwensiyahan niya kahit sa mga maliliit mhh paraan at bagay.


Magnifico is known as a heartrending film about a Filipino boy whose love and sense of mission transformed the lives of those around him. Produced in 2003, the film aimed by Maryo de los Reyes won for least 25 awards with the Israel but also in worldwide film conventions. The film opens while using birth of Grandioso (also referred to as Ikoy in the film). It really is clearly discernible at the outset which the boy came to be in to a non-urban poor relatives. His father, Gerry, is known as a carpenter nevertheless does not have got regular employment. It was Gerry who christened him Estupendo because he enjoyed watching a magician by that same name. Magnifico's mother, Edna, augments the family profits by sewing embroideries. Their house is a dilapidated hollow-blocks-and-wood composition typical in rural Israel. They were thus impoverished that they could just prepare soups and noodles for the location fiesta. For one level Edna had to pawn her wedding ring so they would have food issues table. The storyplot actually starts when Muy turned 9. His sibling, Miong, just lost his much-needed scholarship grant from a university in the capital town Manila. This is a heavy hit because Gerry pinned his hopes upon Miong just to save the family members from poverty. His granny, Magda, who lives with Magnifico's family, figured within a serious incident and had to become hospitalized. Inside the hospital it had been discovered that Magda had pancreatic cancer. This is another backbreaking blow because part of Gerry's meager cash flow would at this point go to medical expenses. Like these complications were not exasperating enough, Magnifico' sister Sue had cerebral palsy, which will rendered her incapable of self-mobility and understandable speech. Mired by such seemingly impossible difficulties, Edna lustily sighed, " life is a limitless misery”. Although whole through the film life proved to be a series of small marvels. When Magnifico heard whispers that his grandmother Magda would soon die which his family members was not capable of shouldering the sky-high burial expenses, he innocently created a secret plan. Utilizing the help of his school friend Carlo, he covertly started constructing a wooden coffin. For elements he asked scrap wooden from a nearby woodcarving store and borrowed carpentry tools from his neighbors. And together with Carlo, he sold iced water and drink at the area carnival, looking to collect cash enough for his grandmother's funeral costume, flowers, and tomb. The moment their two plastic cisterns emptied, they will ended up with 306 pesos (about 4 euros) in their hands....

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