Of Rats and Guys Cast Job Essay




Enjoyed by: Will Smith (6 foot 2 inch, 2 hundred pounds, 44 years old)

Crooks is definitely the black steady buck within the farm. He has a crooked back via where a equine kicked him and is usually secluded coming from everybody else because of his pores and skin which makes him lonely. "... for, getting alone, Crooks could keep his reasons for having, and being a stable dollar and a cripple... ” (67)

" S'pose you didn't have no one. S'pose that you couldn't type in the bunkhouse and play rummy ‘cause you was dark-colored. ” (72)


Played by: James Franco (5 feet 8 inches, 155 pounds, 34 years old)

Curley is the boss's son. He has a indicate attitude and he is a great aggressive, inferior young man whom fights larger men to create up for his small size. "... a thin young man using a brown face, with brown eyes and a mind of snugly curled frizzy hair. ” (25)

" You keep outta this kind of unless you wanta step outside” (62).


Played by: Bill Murray (6 ft ., 190 pounds, 62 years old)

" The old person came slowly and gradually into the area. He had his broom in the hand. ” (24) Sweets is a classic, one handed down janitor that has worked with the ranch for several years who simply has his dog as a companion.

" I isn't much good on'y a singke hand. ”


Played by: John Goodman (6 ft ., 270 pounds, 60 years old)

" A powerful, big-stomached gentleman came into the bunkhouse. ” (35) Carlson is an insensitive man who just cares about himself and getting rid of Candy's doggie.

" In the event you was to consider him away and shoot him correct in the back of the top... ” (45)


Played out by: Clint James (6 foot two inches, 190 pounds, 37 years old)

" A tall man stood inside the doorway. ” "... he combed his long, black, damp curly hair straight back. ” (33) Slim was much well known skinner and nobody messed with him. Slender was viewed like " the royal prince of the ranch” (33).

" George looked over at Sleek and found the quiet, Godlike sight fastened about him. ” (40)

Lennie Small

Played out by: Vince Vaughn (6 foot your five inches, 230 pounds,...

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