Pitney Bowes Essay

Pitney Bowes is a programmer and supplier of meaning management products. They are a multinational company that operates in the US. They had a salesforce that visited an prizes ceremony that took place 60 years ago. As of this awards service, the hotel that the honours ceremony was located probably would not let a black part of the team in to the ceremony. The remaining of sales force reacted by refusing to go to the service and went out of the hotel. This was the beginning of a successful business policy. Pitney Bowes is currently a $5 billion annually company that is fueled simply by diversity.

This relates to Chapter 14 because cross-cultural communication can be something that Pitney Bowes has greatly did at. They have diverse personnel in their organization, which symbolizes their customers. They may have customers in 130 different countries, totaling over two million businesses world wide. This chapter discusses how a number of different things need to be taken into consideration once interacting with people from a different sort of culture, including religion or gestures. When a company really wants to successfully work on a global scale, they need to exploration extensively to ensure that they may make any kind of wrong presumptions about someone from a different culture. There are a great number of small specifics that need certainly not go overlooked. This is why Pitney Bowes really excelled for international organization. They make certain that they have all the info necessary, and employ it to create long lasting, trusting relationships with businesses around the world.

This case examine interesting since it shows just how foundation of variety can effect on the success of the business enterprise. Pitney Bowes is a good example of a great firm with great morals who also knows just how provide for consumers, no matter where they may be from. For this reason the author will need to put this kind of in the next copy of the publication.

This article is about the revolution of cell phones both equally technologically and culturaly.