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Title: Thirteen Explanations why

Author: The author Asher

This novel is all about a girl known as Hannah Baker who determined suicide & before the girl died the lady recorded 13 audiotapes filled up with reasons why the lady killed himself and they all had to do with a unique person, and she dispatched all the 13 tapes towards the 13 people so they could listen closely. Justin was the first person on the tape, the boy the girl first kissed, he high what they did whenever they kissed, producing her appear " easy” to friends. 2nd Alex, a boy who have said the lady had the latest behind inside the freshman course on his " hot or not list” making her seem weaker to friends. 3rd Jessica, one of Hannah's first good friends, She's crazy that Hannah is on the hot list & she is on the " not" list. Jessica likewise believed the rumor that Justin began about Hannah during their 1st kiss despite the fact that Jessica realized Hannah don't do the issues he explained. 4th Tyler, a boy who have stalked her, outside her own room window. Taking photos without her knowledge until she found. 5th Courtney, a really great girl, but she was only great to Hannah to gain " tally's" for being voted sweetest for the senior yearbook & get yourself a ride to a party. The 6th person was Marcus, a boy Hannah went on a date with and he arrived 30 minutes late as they wasn't likely to come whatsoever but this individual only came to try and have sex with her. 7th Zach Dempsey stole her kind comments from her paper handbag in peer communications category. 8th Ryan Shaver, He stole her poem and put it inside the school magazine and required credit for doing it. 9th Clay Jensen this individual didn't have anything to do with her committing suicide she wanted to tell him she wanted she reached know him better. 10th Justin once again because he permit Bryce rasurado Jessica whilst she was drunk. 11th Jenny Kurtz a cheerleader who strike a stop sign while Hannah was in her car and drove off and that triggered a car crash that slain someone. 12th Bryce Master the youngster who...

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