reviewer rizal midterms Composition



a. After completing his studies in Madrid, Rizal went to Paris and Philippines to specialize in ophthalmology m. He proved helpful as an assistant to Dr . Paillette de Weckert, leading People from france ophthalmologist c. Studio of Luna:

i actually. Happy hours: discussion with Luna on problems in art and painting technique ii. Rizal helped Capricho by appearing as unit in several artwork iii. Fatality of Hatshepsut: Rizal posed as an Egyptian Priest

iv. Blood Compact: Rizal posed as Sikatuna


a. Jose could not sing well

n. Came to enjoy flute well

c. Made up:

i. Alin Mang Lahi (Any Race)--- asserts that any contest aspires for freedom 2. La Deportacion (Deportation) --- composed in Dapitan during his exil III. IN HEIDELBERG, AUSTRALIA

a. Boarding House of German Regulation students:

i. Students made him an associate of the Chess Player's Golf club

ii. Joined them inside their beer drinking sessions and watched all their friendly conocer duels m. Boarding Home near the School of Heidelberg

i. Performed at the University or college Eye Hospital under the direction of Doctor Otto Becker, distinguished A language like german ophthalmologist c. Noticed that German born Catholics and Protestants used ecumenism my spouse and i. They lived together in harmony and cordiality


a. Fascination from the blooming bouquets along the banking institutions of Neckar River w. Light blue " forget-me-not”: preferred flower

c. Because of homesickness: poem: " To the Plants of Heidelberg” V. WITH PASTOR ULLMER AT WILHELMSFELD

a. Jose spent a 3-month summer time vacation at Wilhemsfield

b. Stayed at at the vicarage of a kind Protestant porquerizo, Dr . Karl Ulmer c. Gratitude of Rizal:

my spouse and i. " You may even receive, while you are abroad, the same treatment and friendship ?nternet site have located among you…” ii. " you understood me also, in spite of my personal brown skin…” VI. INITIAL LETTER TO BLUMENTRITT

a. First letter in A language like german to Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt, Director with the Ateneo of Leitmeritz, Luxembourg (Austrian Ethnologist and provides interest in Filipino languages) i. " I use heard that you will be studying our language, and you had already published some work about it; permit me to mail you a valuable publication written by my personal countryman in our language. ” b. That book was entitled: " Aritmetica” (Arithmetic)

i. Was published in Spanish and Tagalog

ii. Author: Rufino Baltazar Hernandez

c. Blumentritt was impressed on the notice of Jose

i. Reciprocated by mailing Jose a gift of 2 catalogs

ii. Started to be the best friend of Jose


a. University or college of Leipzig

i. Joined some lectures on History and Psychology

ii. Befriended Prof. Friedrich Ratzel, famous German historian 3. Befriended Doctor Hans She, German Anthropologist

b. In Leipzig:

my spouse and i. Translated Schiller's William Tell from The german language to Tagalog 1 . To ensure that Filipinos may know the history of that Champ of Switzerland Independence ii. Translated Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Stories

1 . Intended for his nephews and nieces

c. Cost of living in Leipzig was cheapest in European countries

i. Jose stayed a couple of months . 5 in this German born City

ii. He worked well as a proof-reader in a publisher's firm and earned some money d. In Dresden:

i actually. He fulfilled Dr . Adolph Meyer


a. In Bremen:

i. Attained for the first time Doctor Feodor Jagor (author: Travels in the Philippines) b. Became a member of the Anthropological Society, Ethnological Society, and Geographical Culture of Duessseldorf i. After recommendation of: Dr . Jagor and Doctor Meyer

ii. Proved that his scientific knowledge was recognized by Europe's scientists 1 ) Was the first Asian to become accorded this kind of honors


a. Live in this Capital intended for 5 factors:

i. To achieve further knowledge of Ophthalmology

2. To further his studies of sciences and languages

iii. To observe the economic-political conditions

iv. To associate with famous German born scientists and scholars

v. To publish his Noli Me Tangere

b. Cost-effective life in Berlin

we. By time: assistant inside the Clinic of Dr . Schweigger,...

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