Rhetorical Research Essay

Rhetorical Evaluation Essay

In the speech, " 9/11 Address to the Nation” former president George W. Bush gives a

communication to the American people and others around the world. Bush addresses the big event to people

all over the world and the actions of what is going to happen.

In the speech, Rose bush builds his credibility by simply connecting to the audience's distributed values.

One particular shared worth that he uses in the speech may be the pronoun " our”. For instance , " Our country can be

strong. ” This individual uses " our” to demonstrate that he's just like everybody else. Another way Bush uses ethos,

is if he talks about the America federal government, and how they are helping to recovery Americas

in the Double Towers. " Our 1st priority is to become help to individuals who have been injured. ” Our

governments most matter, is getting those who are injured, instant medical care and far

away from devastation that might cause even more harm to them. The United States of America

deals with problems in a confident way and standing good for the country. " America and our friends

and allies join with those who want peacefulness and secureness in the world, and we stand together to

win the war against terrorism. ” Bush talks about all Us citizens coming together and fighting for

our country. Credibility is important, and Rose bush establishes the ethos appeal early in the


Bush attracts the followers emotions applying anguished feelings. He uses

unfavorable, victimized language to show Us citizens that he feels, the actual feel. "... our extremely

liberty came under harm in a number of deliberate, and deadly terrorists acts. ” Bush clarifies

in a serious tone regarding the event. He also quotations a verse from the Holy book to ensure the target audience

that God is with us. The scripture says, "... Psalm 23, Although I walk through the pit of

the shadow of fatality, I dread no nasty, for you will be with me. ” He then points out that The almighty is with all of us,

standing by the Americans side throughout the...

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