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1 . 1 . Problem Statement:

Nepal is a growing country in which a large number of folks are under lower income and uneducated. They are even now unknown to the advantage of insurance and the improvements of companies are not acceptable. So , the spot of insurance is very limited in Nepal. The success of insurance depends on the expertise of related business. The mandatory manpower pertaining to the development of insurance business in Nepal is definitely neither adequate nor effective. There is no rule for the compulsory insurance. The getting power of people is very low. The current business environment is usually badly motivated by the personal crisis.

There is no re-insurance company in Nepal. The claim method is very challenging and it is very hard to get the valid compensation regular and the settlement of declare in most insurance company is slow. The region of non-life insurance can be decreasing; however , new insurance firms have been founded in the market. These parties, nevertheless , lack the trust of men and women and the changes in deal is significant problems generally faced by companies. Because of lack of assessment and evaluation of financial transactions, the company can experience and face bankruptcy down the road.

1 . installment payments on your Research Aims:

The objective of this kind of study is usually to examine and evaluate a comparative analyze on the economic performance in the Himalayan Basic Insurance Company Limited (HGICL) and Everest Insurance carrier Limited (EICL). The major objectives of this study are as follows:

пЃ¶To focus on various elements relating to monetary performance of Himalayan Basic Insurance Company Limited and Everest Insurance Company Limited. пЃ¶To analyze the budget, financial abilities and failings of experienced insurance companies. пЃ¶To draw bottom line and advice based on the findings with the analysis.

1 ) 3. Relevance of the examine:

Conducting a timely research is very important intended for the development of a business....

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