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The allied troops, that include Poland, England, great Britain, the USA, brazil, and Mexico, as well as the Axis troops, which include the Nazis of Germany, Japan, and fascist Italy. Ww ii began in September you, 1939 and ended about September 2, 1945. It lasted exactly six years and eventually. The allies won universe war two The leader in the country's during the time of the conflict were as follows America= Franklin Delamere Roosevelt

Russia= Joseph Stalin

Brittan= Winston Churchill

Germany= Adolf Hitler

Italy= Benito Mousseline

Japan= Chief Hirohito

The folks that the Nazis discriminated against were







Black people



I think joseph performed the right point going to Swiss because if perhaps he remained in Warsaw he probably would not have located his kids. But if he went to Swiss he had mare like a chance of locating someone some

Ruth is Eden and Boronia's big sister. She is the child of paul and Margret black. The girl with a genuine, loving and accountable. The girl with honest since she hardly ever steals and always speaks the fact. She enjoys because your woman takes care of her brother and sister in place of their parents. This is also the reason why she is viewed as an liable person. five

the youngsters would of found it very hard since they were exclusively in a conflict torn metropolis. They were supposing they would under no circumstances see their very own mother once again. 6 in chapter two joseph Balack stays by and seniors polish couples house till he gets his power back. I believe this helped joseph a whole lot because it reassured his wish in humanity. 7 I do think Jan helped joseph because he was thus desperate. This individual also gave him the sword witch he much-loved and that offered them a bond with each other. I think By also trusted joseph as they would...

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