Analyzing Customer Behavior Composition

Analyzing Customer Behavior

Jennifer SalazarMKT 435Julie SanbornMarch eleven, 2012

Examining Consumer Behavior

There are three main parts in this ruse that entail the invert of the slow down of the Stonewall's Barbershop. Because the barbershop has become open the advantages of customers has evolved but the services that are offered with the barbershop have not changed. The male grooming industry has increased by 25 percent a year, but the barbershop has not implemented this pattern. With this kind of growth around the industry there is a need to make changes to the barbershop that could keep the barbershop on the same tendency. The company offers decided that is certainly time to do research and make changes that may keep up with the growing developments in the men grooming market. Phase I

In phase one of many simulation, we review the trends that have been taking place inside the male grooming industry. By looking at the tendencies we are able to determine what direction the barbershop needed to be proceeding in. Following doing study of the demographics of the around areas plus the other spas and hair salons and spas that have been attracting the barbershops clients, it is often decided the barber day spa would be the best fit. Some of the demographics that were accustomed to make this decision are the annual rent of the area, population size, age malfunction, education levels, and the influence on the culture. The research indicates that a large group of the boys were enthusiastic about some of the spent services that are offered. This would allow the barbershop to expand to reach new clients with no out generating the old clientele away. This permits them to turn a profit without losing anymore customers. This permits the barbershop to keep the older consumer and gain the younger generation. Phase II

In phase two of the ruse, we engaged the enlargement of Stonewall's from the encircling community towards the surrounding region. There are five potential place that are in review to determine in the event they were...

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