The Unfortunate Face Article

The unlucky encounter

Adapted from stories of Birbal –

Eunice sobre Souza

Right now there lived in Delhi a

vendor called

Hirachand. It was explained

that anyone who saw

his face would go

without foodstuff for a day.

When Akbar heard

about Hirachand this individual

was asked to see him.

He planned to know

if the stories

about him were authentic.

The next day,

Akbar was on his

way to the dining

– room when

Hirachand was

brought to him.

At the same time,

a courtier arrived

to say the

queen was ill.

Following meeting him, Akbar remaining

Hirachand and spent the entire

morning along with his sickwife. By the

time this individual returned to the dining –

room, his meal was cold.

This individual ordered a brand new meal. It was a little while until so

lengthy to get the meals ready that Akbar

started to feel unwell. The doctor was

called. He told Akbar to rest and never

to eat anything for a day. That way,

he said, the cramps would go away.

" But We haven't eatenanything yet, ” said


" Misfortune, ” said the doctor. " Whose face

did you observe this morning? ”

Akbar advised the doctor regarding Hirachand. " I

shall have him executed, ” he explained,

" as they has made myself suffer. ”

Hirachand was shocked. He fell at the

Emperor's ft and begged for mercy.

" what will my wife and children perform without

myself? ” this individual pleaded. Yet Akbar will not

listen to anything he explained.

The shield was summoned and Hirachand

was quickly dragged off to be


Poor Hirachand wailed out loud and begged

the shield to find a method to set him free.

" I cannot think of anything I could do. ” said

the guard whom felt very sorry for

Hirachand. " If the Emperor finds out that

I have disobeyed his instructions. I will probably be

executed as well. ”

Abruptly he had a thought, " allow

us call up Birbal, ” he said. " He is the

only that will know how to support

you. ”

When Hirachand told Birbal what happened,

Birbal consoled him saying, " Do what I tell you

and will also be saved. ”

When it was time for Hirachand to go to the

dark-colored, the punish asked in the event that he wanted