The Mexcian American Battle Essay

Thomas Corwin, " Against the Mexican War" (1847)

Jones Corwin was a Whig senator from Kansas. Many Whigs, especially northern Whigs, asked the need for and wisdom of expansion. The Mexican-American Warfare proved questionable and divisive. Henry David Thoreau refused to pay his income taxes because they might be used to aid the war. That action and a subsequent dissertation, " Upon Civil Disobedience, " started to be important precedents 120 years later through the Vietnam discord. Corwin's presentation touches on key elements in the antiwar discussion.

What is the territory, Mister. President, which you propose to wrest via Mexico? It really is consecrated for the heart with the Mexican by many people a well-fought battle with his old Castilian master. His Bunker Hills, and Saratogas, and Yorktowns are there! The Mexican know, " Generally there I savane for liberty! and shall I give up that consecrated home of my affections to the Anglo-Saxon invaders? What do they want with it? They may have Texas currently. They have owned themselves in the territory between your Nueces plus the Rio Enorme. What else do they need? To what shall I stage my children as memorials of that independence which I bequeath to all of them, when these battlefields shall have exceeded from my personal possession? " Sir, acquired one come and demanded Bunker Hill of the people of Massachusetts, had England's lion ever before showed him self there, is there a man above thirteen and under eighty who would not need been willing to meet him? Is there a river on this continent that would not need run red with bloodstream? Is there a field but would have been piled high with the unburied bones of slaughtered Americans prior to these consecrated battlefields of liberty should have been wrested from all of us? But a similar American adopts a sis republic, and says to poor, fragile Mexico, " Give up the territory, you are not worth to possess it; I have acquired one half already, and all My spouse and i ask of you is always to give up the other! ". �. �. �. Sir, look at this sham of need of space. With twenty millions of...

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