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International Record of Critical Psychology and Social Sciences (IJFPSS)

ISSN: 2231-9484

IJFPSS, Vol several, No . 5, pp. 63-70, Dec, 2013

DOI: twelve. 14331/ijfpss. 2013. 330037

S. Khani

The Relationship of Appliance Consumer Personality Characteristic,

Brand Individuality, Brand Commitment and Manufacturer Equity in the

Mobile Phone Market

Sajad Khani*1, Seyyed Mahdi Imanikhah2, Hamed Gheysari3, Seyyed Saadat Kamali4, Tahereh Ghorbanzadeh5 1

Faculty of Management, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran two

Faculty of Management, Payam-e-Noor University, Garmsar, Iran 3

Training Division of Mellat bank, Tehran, Iran


Faculty of Management, Islamic Azad University or college, Naragh Branch, Naragh, Usa 5

Faculty of Managing, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Qazvin, Iran

Email: sajad. [email protected] com

(Received Nov 2013; Published December 2013)


Personality traits perform an important part in client brands collection with their very own personality traits which might be consistent with these people and this consistence caused promo brand loyalty and finally promotion manufacturer equity. This study investigates the adaptation of the consumer personality and brand character and the effect of it on Attitudinal and behavioural devotion and company equity inside the mobile phone industry in Tehran. Sample of study can be 400 actual and potential clients of Samsung mobile in Tehran. The results demonstrate that usage of brand personality and nature improve frame of mind and behavioural loyalty brand and brand equity.

Keywords: Consumer Persona Trait, Manufacturer Personality, Manufacturer Loyalty, Manufacturer Equity

DOI: 10. 14331/ijfpss. 2013. 330037


Mobile industry in Iran is among the emerging industry that appears will not be in a position to survive if perhaps ignore the marriage ‎of product consumer individuality trait, company personality and

specially relinquish the brand dedication and company equity

‎because this things is important for both equally customer and

company. As a result of posing the truly amazing market share of Samsung

in ‎Iran's‎mobile‎industry, this brand has been chosen for this study. On the one hand, persona of a manufacturer creates a ‎longterm and steady relationship between customer as well as the brand, and on the furthermore, the desired brand ‎distinguishes alone from other existing brands (Kumar, Lemon, & Parasuraman,

2006). With a exclusive brand individuality, attached consumers

with ‎different characteristics, and accordingly the

performance of the trademark will be broadened. Moreover,

business can ‎establish a good romantic relationship with its customers and maintain the relationship via its brand persona.

Considering that each one of these brands get their own unique

character, consumer may regard brands like a ‎real person. In such a case, consumer from terms, attitudes, behaviour, or

thoughts of others anticipate respect for their ‎personal conduct and brands which are matched with their persona

(Bennett, Härtel, & McColl-Kennedy, 2005). Clients

typically ‎use a industry’s product as well as its brand, as well as its personal behaviour, in other words, all marketing activities initiatives ‎to client trust on persona of a company, and get acquainted with it. Additionally , improve the marriage between

client ‎and company (Govers & Schoormans, 2005), and

consequently, increase customer loyalty for the brand and brand collateral of a ‎company. ‎



In accordance with the study by Norman in (1993), five

dimensions from the main personality of people which includes

‎extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, lifestyle, and

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IJFPSS, Volume 3, Number 4, pp. 63-70, Dec, 2013

neuroticism (related to mental characters) were noted. But

‎MacCrae in 1986 divided the features of customer individuality into five dimensions which can be extroversion, ‎agreeableness, conscientiousness, tradition, and visibility which is also known as the Big Five model...

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