Understanding Ethical Issues in The Shawshank Payoff Essay

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Heather N. Josey

UEPL 500 01: Particular Topics in Philosophy/Ethical Concerns in Human being Services Feb . 26, 2013


This paper will focus on the ethical problems that occurred in the 1994 film Shawshenk Payoff directed by Frank Darabont. Focus will probably be made about specific scenes that represent clear ethical violations of not only the criminal rights system, but as well because the corrections system within America through the 1940's throughout the 1960's. Several ethical concerns involving Andy Dufrense, the key character, arise involving him, his friends (other inmates), the protects, and the warden. Ethical principals of concern and importance discovered and pictured in the film are as follows: financial loop holes to get guards, creating false accounts, slave labor, abuse of power, and money laundering, and tough.

Keywords: Values, Abuse of Power  

Movie Personas & Their Response to Moral Issues

Shawshenk Redemption centers around Andy Dufresne, a banker wrongfully convicted of two murders; his partner and her lover in 1947. Andy is sentenced to two progressive, gradual life paragraphs at Shawshenk Prison, in Maine. Once at the penitentiary Andy turns into best friends with another inmate named Red. Red has been around prison for a long period and is frequently denied leitspruch again and again. Key Guard Bradley is another important character. He is the head shield at the jail who mirrors fear inside the inmates and frankly treats the inmates like animals. Eventually the most important character when it comes to the topics of ethics is a Warden by Shawshenk Prison, Samuel Norton. When Andy fist meets the Warden, he tells Andy you will discover two rules in the jail, the holy bible and the Warden. " I think in two things; discipline and the Bible. Below you'll obtain both. Set your trust in the Lord. The ass belongs to me. Meet to Shawshank” (Warden Samuel Norton). Andy was a los angeles accountant before he was falsely...

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