Valedictory Speech of Svetlana Riguera (Grade School Class 2012)

Dr . Marl Ferenal, the President; Ms. Avic Suarez, our Principal; Mr. Paolo Reyes, our guest presenter; the supervision, faculty and staff; father and mother and friends; my fellow graduates; good morning to all of you!

Drive 30, 2012. I think all of us will most agree that the day is definitely not ordinary. Today, we accept the people achieved, the lessons discovered, the tears shed, the laughter appreciated, and the memories made in each of our six years as primary students. Today, we demonstrate our instructors, our father and mother, and most important ourselves that we're no longer children. Today we show the world that we will be ready to take on the next stage of the academic life: Senior high school. �

Now i am very privileged to stand before all of you today while the Valedictorian of Class 2012, not only as a result of awards i have gained but in addition becauseI'm part of a truly excellent batch -- a batch that has obtained so much, a batch wherever everyone is accomplished in different domains.  With this, let me say thanks to some of the people who have made my achievements likely. I might be unable to mention all of you by identity, but rest assured that I am just infinitely pleased to everyone who has put me within this stage today. �

I would really like to thank God to start with. Without Him, none of the would have been possible. We would also like to thank mother and father, Atty. Manny Riguera and Atty. Hazel Riguera. � All of my own achievements are mine, nevertheless also theirs, because with no their hard work and confidence, I would certainly not be standing here and speaking to all of you today. Many thanks, Dad and Mom, for letting me be, although always through your supervision and guidance. Thanks to giving me personally the in order to explore and also to discover my own full potential, not only inside but as well outside the 4 walls of Southville. �

To all the teachers I've had around me, thank you. Everyone have written for who My spouse and i am today, and though I was far from ideal, I believe that I'm a much better person compared to the person I would personally have been acquired I certainly not met all of you.  To Ms. Jen Gaddi� and Ms. Gladys Mintu, my agents for degrees 3 and 4 respectively, at Munich campus, i want to thank guiding me personally while I was still adjusting to a fresh environment. � To Ms. Icka Santos and Mr. Xander Siose, my advisors for levels 5 and 6 respectively at the Luxembourg campus, thanks to helping myself go previous my ease and comfort zones, and giving myself inspiration when I needed that most. �

To all my local freinds, classmate or perhaps not, thanks a lot. Andrea, Kelsie and Yifei, thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank you for believing in me even when I did not believe in personally. � Yoojung, Eggy, and Russell, thanks to consistently reminding me that we am not perfect, which I will under no circumstances be since awesome or as high as you fellas are. � When other folks were most praise to me, you hardly ever failed to remind me that I am not really perfect. Kim and Maija, my two fangirl buddies, I actually thank you for taking me into the new world of K Put. To the solid and crew of Seussical Jr., thanks to giving me personally one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. � It has been an honor to get to know all of you. � It was great spending 3 months of rehearsal and documenting hours with all the cast who had been from distinct levels in Southville, coming from preschool to college. � To our Seussical director, Ms. Icka Santos, her sister Ms. Kookee and her mom Ms. Ardore Santos, many thanks. I learned not only the rudiments of acting. I further learned the importance of my own sections' identity - WILLPOWER. � And the rest of my classmates and good friends, thank you for making my four-year stay by Southville a memorable 1.   �

I can still keep in mind the days when I was a new student for Southville. That was when I was in level three. As a new college student I was in academic and disciplinary examen, which meant that if I failed in any subject matter, I would become asked to leave. Back then, all I wanted was to live in...

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